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Mobile Dog Grooming
Prices & Services
When quoting the price of grooming your dog,
there are many factors that will determine the
breed of dog
condition of coat
groom style
temperament or medical problems
    (this is only a factor since it would take
    more time to complete the groom if your
    dog has special needs).

When contacting us to get your estimate please
give as much detail about your dog as possible, so
I can give you the most accurate estimate.
Just a Bath -
massaging bath, with an all natural, gentle
shampoo that best suits your dogs skin
nails cut/filed
ears cleaned (ear hair pulled if needed)
anal glands expressed (if needed)
hand dried
brushed to remove lose hair

Bath & Trim -
same as Just a Bath
a trim all over to your specifications
sanitary trim

Bath & Style -
same as above
breed standard haircut or
cut to the length you prefer
Add-ons -
extra dematting (if its more than a usual
flea shampoo
nail polish
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