All About The Dog, LLC
Mobile Dog Grooming
For your pets safety and the safety of the pets that follow it is
highly recommended but not required , that your dog be up to date
on all vaccinations.  ( I do disinfect the van after each dog and
deep clean it every evening, but vaccinations are very important to
your dogs general health. )
Comfort always comes before style.  If your dog is matted to the
point that I can not safely remove the mats they will be shaved and
as much hair as possible will be left. If the pet can be safely
dematted, an extra fee will be incurred if it takes longer than an
average appointment (about an hour depending on breed)
If during any grooming session your dog becomes too stressed or
aggressive, the grooming will stop immediately for the safety of
your dog and myself.  The price will be adjusted according to how
much grooming has been performed.
For senior or easily stressed pets:  In the case that the grooming
session takes longer then an average appointment time (usually an
hour depending on breed and style)  due to stress or limitations of
an older dog an extra charge may be incurred.  
Grooming can occasionally expose an unknown medical problem or
even aggravate an existing one, which can appear during or after
grooming.  Any sign of a potential problem will be brought to your
attention following the grooming.
If no one is home at the time of a scheduled appointment and there
is no way to obtain your dog, a fee of 50% of your total bill will be
added to your next grooming appointment.  (If this happens more
than once, the 2nd time the fee will need to be received  prior to
the next appointment.) Since emergencies do happen, please leave
a note on the door or a message on the voice mail before I arrive
(the phone number is a cell phone and I check it regularly) and the
no-show fee will be waived.
Cancellation Policy: Appointments canceled with less than 48 hours
notice will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total bill and will
be added to the next grooming session. (If this happens more than
once, the 2nd time the fee will need to be received prior to the
next appointment.)
There will be a $30 fee for all returned checks.

These policies are in effect to make sure your dog has the most enjoyable and stress free groom possible.  I would never do anything to
a dog that I wouldn't want someone to do to one of my own.  I treat and
take care of every dog as if they were my own.
"It is fatal to let any dog know
that he is funny, for he
immediately loses his head and
starts hamming it up."
P.G. Wodehouse