All About The Dog, LLC
Mobile Dog Grooming
F A Q's
Do you come into my home to groom my dog?

Everything is done right in the van. The van has
warm water, lights, electricity and heat/AC.

Do you use my electricity?

No. The grooming van has a generator similar to
one on an RV that provides electricity to the
entire salon.

Do you use my water?

Not usually.  The van has a 50 gallon fresh water
tank, but on rare occasions when I have lots of
large dogs or dirty dogs I may need to use a
little water.  But I try to avoid it if possible.

Why does mobile grooming cost more?

Mobile dog grooming allows the groomer to have
a one-on-one grooming session with your dog.  
They get my undivided attention, are hand dried
so they don't have to be put in a crate and then
are brought right back inside their home.  Unlike
a regular shop, the entire van runs on gas and
propane is needed to keep the water warm.  Plus
I only use high quality, all natural shampoos and

Can I come in and watch while you groom?

Because of the size of the grooming van and
insurance reasons, owners can not stay in the van
during grooming.  You are more than welcome to
watch from outside.  Sometimes when dogs see
their owners they can act up and get excited,
which runs the risk of your dog getting injured.  

Have a question?  Just ask!
"It's impossible to keep a
straight face in the presence of
one or more puppies."