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A dog’s coat provides insulation from the heat and sun.
Dogs do not perspire like humans do. They only
perspire from the pads of their feet and from their
noses. They do not “sweat” like humans do. A Husky,
Golden, Lab, Malamute, Pomeranian, and other double
coated breeds will be cooler with its coat on.  Also,
shaving them will give their skin much more exposure to
the sun which could result in sunburn.
Their coats must be kept thoroughly brushed out.
Matted coats or coats with packed-in, dead undercoat
will restrict airflow to your pet’s skin, consequently
making him uncomfortable. To reduce shedding and
keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the
winter, getting them groomed on a regular basis will
help.  Most dogs will benefit from a 6 – 8 week
grooming schedule.
It may seem like a great idea to shave all the hair off,
but what you are doing when you shave your double-
coated dog is actually interrupting the natural shedding
process. You are cutting into the top coat (the more
coarse hair on top), possibly damaging it, and causing
the undercoat (the soft coat that falls out) to grow
back differently or not at all, as the undercoat grows
much more quickly than the top coat, or “guard” coat.
The guard coat is the coarser hair that separates the
finer undercoat hairs, preventing it from matting.
When this coat is shaved, the hair will appear to grow
back softer because you are seeing only undercoat as
it grows back. This hair is thick and will mat easily and
possibly result in patchy, uneven growth until the guard
hairs eventually regrow. By then the coat may be so
damaged that it will need to be shaved down again.
Also, by interrupting the natural shedding cycle, you
can actually be producing MORE shedding. The exact
opposite of what you want!
If your dog seems to shed a lot, even in between
grooms, they might not be getting enough nutrients
from their food.  Changing a dogs food to a higher
quality one or giving them a supplement (we recommend
NuVet Plus, ask us about it) will help cut down on the
shedding.  Nothing will make a dog stop shedding, its a
natural body function that helps keep your dog warm in
the winter and cool in the summer.
Please know that shaving your dog will mean more
money for us, but I much rather do what's best for
your dog.  I will shave them if you still want it, but I do
not recommend it.
Double Coated Dog Shave Downs
"A dog is the only thing on
earth that loves you more then
he loves himself,"
- Josh Billings