Just a Bath -
massaging bath, with an all natural, gentle
shampoo that best suits your dogs skin
nails cut/filed
ears cleaned (ear hair pulled if needed)
anal glands expressed (if needed)
hand dried
brushed to remove lose hair

Bath & Trim -
same as Just a Bath
a trim all over to your specifications
sanitary trim

Bath & Style -
same as above
breed standard haircut or
cut to the length you prefer
When quoting the price of grooming your dog,
there are many factors that will determine the
breed of dog
condition of coat
groom style
temperament or medical problems
    (this is only a factor since it would take
    more time to complete the groom if your
    dog has special needs).

When contacting us to get your estimate please
give as much detail about your dog as possible, so
I can give you the most accurate estimate.
Add-ons -
extra dematting (if its more than a usual
flea shampoo
application of flea and tick medication
All About The Dog, LLC
Mobile Dog Grooming
Happy Customers
"Puppies are nature's remedy for
feeling unloved... plus numerous
other ailments of life."
Richard Allan Palm
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our site.  
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~ Mobile Dog Grooming on MerchantCircle.

"Ronda is the absolute best!! Our Mal Shi Roxy loves her and she
does the best job. Ronda is a true animal lover and is gentle and
loving. Her mobile unit is IMMACULATE!"
Ronda is a one-woman operation, so you are not going to get
the corporate experience with her, but I actually preferred that
as I was hesitant to take my rescue dog to a big place with
other barking dogs and where they have to wait in a kennel for
hours before or after they are done, as I was certain that
would freak him out. Ronda showed up at my door close to the
appointed time (but called to tell me she'd be a few minutes
late which was fine). She immediately engaged my dog,
playing with him and rubbing him... building trust instantly...
and so he happily pranced off after her to the mobile grooming
unit parked in my driveway. She asked exactly how much I
wanted off and what all she would do. So I spent the next 45
min - 1 hour inside my house doing chores and when they
came back to the door, he looked wonderful! Like a new dog...
clean, trimmed, colorful bandana around his neck. She also
asked me if he could have a treat, which I appreciated. I
thought her services were top-notch and extremely reasonable
compared to other local groomers. The convenience of
at-home service is absolutely priceless. Plus she donates
100% of her tips to homeless animals. You can tell she truly
cares about the dogs she grooms, and that's more important
than anything to me. I will never use anyone else as long as
she keeps up the good work!
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