All About The Dog, LLC
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About Us
"Dogs are not our whole
life, but they make our
lives whole."
Roger Caras
All of my life I have been dedicated to

A large part of my dedication has been
through rescue.

Since opening my own business I am pleased to
announce that 100 percent of ALL TIPS go towards
animals in need
. While your pet is enjoying his/ her
spa treatment day, your generous tips go towards
saving the life of another poor soul who is not as
fortunate. Below you will see some of the faces
saved from a horrible fate,,

thank you everyone for helping me save them !!
Every face you see here (and Many, Many more that are not pictured),,,,  
  Are all living Happy lives now !!  Again,, thank you for your support.
  All About The Dog will continue to save as many as possible !!